"Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible." - M.C. Escher



  • Thank you for all of the hard work and patience that you put into the project. We continue to be awed by the geography Flash animation and love showing it off to new viewers You were able to incorporate many extra details that help make the ROM both easy to use and beautiful to view ... We are so grateful you were part of the team bringing fresh eyes to the project and so many great ideas. The DVD-ROM far exceeds our expectations.

    – Rachel Farkas, Boston Children’s Museum

  • As an award winning producer of programming, WGBH has very high standards, programmatically, technically and aesthetically. Embee Studio has been a great ally and source for helpoing the Media Access Group maintain theses standards for internal and external clients. Embee's production skills and values have always exceeded our needs ... Embee has been a great partner for us.

    – Pat McDonald, WGBH

  • I have worked with Embee Studio on two projects and intend to work with them on future projects as well. They came highly recommended and have exceeded my expectations. Embee's rates are extraordinarily reasonable, particularly in view of the quality of their work and character: they are creative and reliable, and are willing & able to meet challenging deadlines.

    – Dan Stone, Filmmaker

  • OMG! Southside is such a cooler organization because you're involved, We are all so lucky!

    – Louis Raymond, SCLT Board President

  • Where do I begin? I can't thank you enough for you incredible dedication to our work with your time and talent. I feel so lucky to have you! Thank you for all that you do to support us!

    – Shana Santow, SCLT development director

  • "...what you didn't mention is your unique ability to make every client feel like we're you're most important, if not only client."

    Diane Dias, co-owner Our Good Dog Spot

  • The poster and emails worked beautifully, the link on the website and the addition of PayPal were very effective, and so many people watched the Belgrade DVD. You are always extremely gracious in your willingness to accommodate every request as though it were "no big deal". But it is a big deal, and we know that it takes precious time - and we appreciate it.

    April Chase-Lubitz, former board member, Festival Ballet Providence